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This is my analysis of the Green Party back in 2003, my main aim, happily succesful at the time was to get Caroline Lucas re-elected as well as flagging up here for a more red green approach and more energetic approach to recruiting new activists.

It was published as a Red Pepper editorial.

After 30 years, the Green Party comes of age

By Derek Wall

August 2003

Against the odds the Green Party is 30 years old. For those of us on the inside, getting past 1981 looked doubtful and it was perhaps both a surprise and a relief to reach the 1990s. The British political system has traditionally been unforgiving to new parties. But the party has survived, is growing and is making an electoral impact: it has seven MSPs, two MEPs and numerous councillors. Most important of all, it is now a party of the left.

Left politics need to be both practical and utopian. On a practical level, our interventions need to work on a day-to-day level and point to a society beyond capitalism. To cynics, the his…

appeal for witnesses

Please reply to

Appeal for Witnesses

The Legal Support working group would like to find witnesses to two
alleged assaults by activists on the police. If you saw anything relevant,
please get in touch with us on 07796 430 141 to make a statement.

Sunday 19th August: A young white man, slim build, shoulder length dark
hair, in a red boiler suit is accused of assaulting 2 police officers in an
alleyway near to the BAA offices. The alleged incident took place approx 20
minutes before the large 'kettle' near the BAA carpark.

Tuesday 21st August: The cops are claiming that an activist (white male, 5'
10", dark brown mohican, dressed in combat trousers and parka jacket - may
have been wearing a 'euro carpark' jacket over the top of the parka)
assaulted one of the police walking round the site. The incident took place
at 12.15pm. Were you on copwatch Tuesday at 12.15pm?? Did you witness the


Legal Support Team

Possible Green Presidential candidate speaks in Brixton!

had this from Shane, who does great work with lots of things, including the Green Party Drugs Workings Group, last hooked up with him at the Green Field at Glastonbury.

Just waiting final confirmation but it looks like Cynthia McKinney will
be speaking at the Urban Green Fair Sunday 9th Sept in Brockwell Park,
Brixton at 1pm.

She is particularly keen to meet Green Party members so treat your self
as invited. She will speak for 15-20 mins starting 1pm and then Q & A
for 30-40 mins. She will then have an hour at the Fair before going to
Leeds for an evening talk.

McKinney is well known in black and green circles in the US and will be
standing for the Green Party nomination as presidential candidate.
As such she provides a powerful example of an urban black green
coalition and one very relevant to us.

Also if your local party or organisation would like to have a stall at
the Urban Green Fair sign up at Stalls cost
£10 w…

Climate Camp: what next

this was so inspiring, nice to see some serious green politics, serious action, serious strategic assumptions...what next? Well read here, green politics is now, opening space, commiting resources, encouraging action.....not simply capturing a title.

Well before I start ranting at those claim to be pragmatists but are merely naive...lets read what could happen next from the happy campers.

First off, well done to everyone who participated in the Climate Camp!
Together we created a low-impact community of over 1000 people who made
decisions democratically together, ran over 80 workshops, did at least 17
actions against climate criminals, were reported in the media globally..
oh, and let's not forget that, after BAA tried to get an injunction
banning us from going anywhere near their offices, we camped in their
parking lot and stopped work for the day!!

We hope everyone involved in the camp is finding time to relax and reflect
and pat themselves on the back. But this is just a reminder that t…

Free software is cheaper

Hello everyone,

The campaign statement is now live at

I apologize for the late notice, but the statement was planned to go
live on Thursday and you were meant to get advance notice, but
unfortunately one reporter we were working with accidentally published
his story early. Anyway I think he did a good job:

The press release has also just been issued and is below.

One consequence of the early publication date is that some of the logos
aren't appearing correctly on the website in Internet Explorer, though
fine in Firefox :) and the links from your logos to your sites aren't
yet functioning. These minor problems will be resolved in a few hours.

Please encourage your contacts and supporters to read the statement at and sign it in support.

We have an initial target list of 25 NGOs that we will be reaching out
to in the next week to get them to sign-up, and any help you can provide
to encourag…

Cannabis: Moderation not abolition

The current tabloid-fuelled hysteria against cannabis is pure
hypocrisy. Legal drugs like tobacco, alcohol and prescription medicine
cause far more damage and death than spliffs and hash cookies. Why the
double standards?

We need to distinguish between cannabis use and cannabis abuse. The
distinction is real and important. Cannabis may not be totally benign,
but it is not fair or reasonable to extrapolate from a minority of
cannabis abusers to generalise and damn all cannabis users. This is
like suggesting, on the basis of a study of alcoholics, that alcohol
is invariably damaging and should be banned.

More from Peter Tatchell here

lets live like Hobbits

You know that 90% of everything with the word green in front of it is BS when you learn the story of Tony Wrench's eco house, every where people live wasteful lives and the spin is brought into justify bad practices for the planet and those who live in a really green world face persecution.

The planners after a long battle voted to demolish Tony's eco house in Pembrokeshire,Wales.

Read more about how to live like Tony' here.

the permaculture people have some notes on how to support Tony here
Latest blow for Tony Wrench's roundhouse.

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority committee sat on July 18th 2007 and voted 7-4 to refuse permission, and the dwelling now faces demolition once again.

See The Times (July 30, 2007) report at

See more information about That Roundhouse at their own website.

I also found this

To Whom it may concern:

I have followed with more than passing interest the s…

History and painting

The Beginning of History

Well the DIY is becoming addictive, I have stained the verandah so effectively I have painted myself in, I think I will advance on to more of this....carpentary and eco friendly solvent/paint/stain product advice welcome.

So literary output low today, would like to provide a detailed account of Massimo De Angelis's new book The Beginning of History...the title is rubbish and the writing style over the first few pages could be better and he doesn't really deal with ecology/green politics/ecosocialism

However these are small complaints it is a stunning book that seems to really hit the spot for me, it is definately the most accessible and persuasive and interesting book from a broadly autonomist perspective.

Enclosure and the battle for the Commons are central within it, go and buy it or order for your library.

I will try and get time to comment on it more but first I want to get through some more of Andy Dobson's Green Political Thought.

We are ghosts (鬼佬 ), they have drowned

Well taking some time off writing, I go sit down for hours and write letters to the media, cif blog, this blog, morning star column, I have even been writing bits of the General Election manifesto (they will go through many other hands even if its October), tempted to write a book on power/strategy (Foucault/Spinoza/Bahktin/whose the autonomist guy at the University of East London he is good/Tao/Cybernetics/Laurence Stern)....god I must go and do something else, well I have today.

And have taken a day or two away from my loved ones...all to stain the outside of the house, sounds faintly obscene...but its made of wood (my mobile home I mean) so I have to stain it every five years or so or else it will fall down.

Can I resist typing, no I can't but most of this I am going to lift from wiki, it does fuck me off articles in newspapers suggesting wiki is unreliable, its open source checked by many hands to make it bug free (well bug lowe) and every lie is commented upon and now wiki is s…

We are in melt down

"The day Arctic people buy air conditioners, you go, 'Something's wrong here!'"

In a pioneering move, Watt-Cloutier launched the world's first legal action on climate change when she claimed that global warming is a human rights issue. In 2005, she sent the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights a petition that stated: "The subsistence culture central to Inuit cultural identity has been damaged by climate change and may cease to exist if action is not taken by the United States in concert with the community of nations."

Inuit people fear that climate change will destroy their way of life, read more here from an interesting article in the Guardian

Green Political Thought : Introduction

Professor Andrew Dobson

‘Climate change. Deforestation. Acid Rain. Species loss. Ozone depletion. Pesticide poisoning. Genetically modified food. These are the issues that invigorated political life in the late twentieth century and will continue to do so in the twenty-first. This is an extraordinary circumstance and it has happened extraordinarily quickly. Even thirty years ago, the development of a political movement around these issues would have been unimaginable.’
Green Political Thought 2007:1

Well the task we all agree is urgent. Getting to a green world is going to be difficult it involves cultural, economic and political change. Power is not in one place where it can be captured. Globalisation has shifted it from the national state to some extent.

The old Green Party strategy of elect a green government in 2046 which then saves us is simply too naïve. Electoral politics is not the only show in town, direct action, use of culture/education, even a measure of lifestyle cha…

Hanson challenges the deniers

Court jesters serve as a distraction, a distraction from usufruct. Usufruct is the matter that the captains wish to deny, the matter that they do not want their children to know about. They realize that if there is no ‘gorilla’, then usufruct is not an important issue for them. So, with the help of jesters, they deny the existence of the gorilla. There is no danger of melting the Arctic, of destabilizing the West Antarctic ice sheet, of increasing hydrologic extremes, more droughts and stronger forest fires on one hand and heavier downpours and floods on the other, threats to the fresh water supplies of huge numbers of people in different parts of the globe. “Whew! It is lucky that, as our jesters show, these are just imaginary concerns. We captains of industry can continue with business-as-usual, we do not need to face the tough problem of how to maintain profits without destroying our legacy in our children’s eyes.”

More on building a green commons from a 'conservative', esse…

Social Movements succeed

We haven't prevented runaway climate change by camping beside Heathrow and by surrounding the offices of BAA, and nor did we expect to do so. But we have made it harder for Alf Pereira and the other invisible people to be swept aside, and harder for the government to forget that its plan for perpetual growth in corporate utopia is also a plan for the destruction of life on earth.

Scruffy anarchy social movements make history, lets face it political parties are part of the process can get ideas over too and if they succeed get the necessary policy change, so political parties are necessary.

However political parties often are too cautious to break the new ideas necessary for justice and movements are almost always first with these.

Political parties risk becoming corrupted, social movements help keep them on track.

Here is George Monbiot's take, however this movement is not new it builds on reclaim the streets, Earth First(UK), Rising tide and they in turn built o…

ITV 11PM, you must watch Pilger

ITV To Broadcast John Pilger's 'The War on Democracy' - Monday 20th August
[The War on Democracy, John Pilger's first feature documentary, will go to air on ITV1 on Monday, August 20 at 11pm. Set in Latin America and the US, The War on Democracy explores the historic and current relationship of Washington with countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Chile. In recognition of the film's significance, ITV will screen the film its entirety with only one commercial break. Since early June, TWOD has played at some 40 cinemas throughout the UK and returns to London on the 18 August at the Clapham Picture House. John Pilger will introduce the film on Sunday 19 August at 4pm and take post-screening questions.

Here is my review:


Derek Wall urges all Greens to watch 'The War on Democracy'...

The 'War on Democracy,' John Pilger's first cinema film, is to be released in cinemas in the UK on Friday June 15th 2007, starting with the Curzon Soho, Barbican, Ri…

Peter Tatchell in the Indy

New Statesman magazine named him as one of the "heroes of
our time", and The Independent included him among 50 men and women who
had madethe world a better place. So it is a shock to hear this lifelong
advocate of non-violent protest say, in carefully chosen words, that
he believes the problem of Mugabe may now have only one solution:

On to Peter, I am such a fan, he is a human dynamo, always on the media, politically sophisticated....however he should take a weekend off at least every weekend...I think he would be even more effective....he is an ecosocialist and frankly being an ecosocialist in my mind demands the occassional beer, spliff, period of zazen, quality time with ones loved ones...any way I am not really ticking him off and people accuse me off working too hard and yes my love would like I guess to see more of me.

I have heard lots of encouraging noises from Oxford he has already started knocking on doors in anticipation of an October General Election...b…

cut carbon, stop a new runway.

Protest today

Well the protesters are marching on the BAA offices, good for them, everyone else talks green they do something. Good stuff, politics is about opening up more space for this not about personal power, very very impressive.

This was posted on the Guardian 39 minutes ago:

Protestors leave the Camp for Climate Action in Sipson near Heathrow Airport for their day of action

Anti-airport expansion protesters kicked off 24 hours of direct action with a midday march to the proposed third runway at Heathrow to form a human chain.

Two separate marches set off from the Camp for Climate Action outside the airport's perimeter fence, as local Harlington residents joined campaigners who have spent almost a week at the camp.

Campaigners oppose Heathrow's planned expansion because, they say, it will contribute to climate change.

Around six hundred people set off to mark out the 3km stretch of land set aside for the runway, while a separate march led by children headed off for Sipson vil…

My debate with Caroline Lucas on Radio 4 today

Sunday Radio 4, The Westminster Hour Principal Speaker, Derek Wall will be debating with Caroline Lucas MEP on whether to change the party's structure to alter the title of Principal Speaker to that of Leader. Caroline will be arguing for a single or Co- Leaders whilst Derek will be maintaining that the current structure of Principal Speakers more accurately reflects the non-hierarchical nature of the Green Party as per its philosophical basis. Both Derek and Caroline are united on the need for Green Leadership but Derek will be showing that the Green Party has leadership based on empowerment, decentralisation and consensual decision making.

Caroline argues:
“This referendum offers us a vital opportunity to demonstrate that alternative models of leadership are possible - not top-down and authoritarian, but inspirational and persuasive. Given the scale and urgency of the Green message, we owe it to ourselves, and to the electorate, to make our Party as effective as we can - I believe…

Green Party Exec nominations close

well you can vote for Darren, Ashley or Me.

A short year as I was elected in November but I have tried to pack it in.

The following four positions are contested by two or more candidates and will be decided by ballot of the membership.

Principal speaker, female
- Jenny Jones
- Caroline Lucas

Principal speaker, male
- Ashley Gunstock
- Darren Johnson
- Derek Wall

- Richard Mallinder
- Peter Cranie and David Ford (as job share)

Local Party Coordinator
- Chris Haine
- Jon Lucas

The following positions are currently contested by one candidate and will therefore have nominations reopened at conference and the elections for these positions (and internal communications) will take place there.

International Coordinator
- Volker Heinemann

Publications Coordinator
- Peter Murry

Elections Coordinator
- Sarah Birch

Management Coordinator
- Pete McAskie and Tony Cooper (as job share)

Policy Development
- Brian Heatley

External Communications
- Jim Killock

Campaigns Coordinator
- Jonathan Essex…

Quakers for ecology and justice

Society of Friends Meeting Place, Winchmore Hill
Even belief in God is not a necessary part of attending worship. At one meeting I recently attended a woman spoke about how she felt that, after reading Richard Dawkins book, "The God Delusion" and in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shooting she felt unsure about how a benevolent God could exist. Read more here

Going around the country to promote the Green Party I run into local party activists who are Quakers, the Green Party is of course a secular party and within it their are lots of us who are tolerant socially active Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists.

I am as you may have picked up someone who practicises Zen, although to be honest, with all the Principal Speaker running around, it has been a month or two. The Quakers I guess must be the biggest spiritual affliation in the Party, Julian Edmonds late of Slough and now in Hungary is one example of Green Quaker I have worked with. And during Sedgefiend I stayed with …

Tara’s Last Stand?

choose a leader, choose power, fuck the planet!

Green politics has to be about survival, about change not taking office without power.

So please vote no leader, please support real green politics and please defend the green hills of Tara.

Here is the latest

Tara’s Last Stand?

An open letter to all who are interested in the defence of the earth and the standing-up to power.
Please forward, copy, or circulate.

Place: Tara Valley, Hill of Tara, County Meath, Republic of Ireland
Time: NOW

History: Tara Hill and Valley are part of an ancient temple complex of earthworks, henges, raths (forts), and souterrains (underground tomb chambers). Many of the works pre-date the pyramids. Tara was used as the crowning place of the old high kings of Ireland. It is still in use for ceremonies today, and is particularly associated with Samhain (Hallowe’en).

Threat: The Irish government have sanctioned a route through the Tara valley of the M3 motorway. This road will be tolled, is the least-favourable of the …

Brian Haw says Phone Ken on 0207 983 4100

Parliament Square fenced off, Brian Haw eviction threat...commons, enclosure, democracy nixed...latest news here

Apparently it is the GLA who have fenced off the Square. According to Kay from the Global Women's Strike Anna - 07786 465 238 who is there too on the ground in Parliament Square Maria is now inside her tent trying to stay. Brian is not being asked to leave but he is adamant that he needs his supporters like Anna and Maria.

The Global Womens Strike suggest ringing the Mayors Office: 0207 983 4100 and the GLA Switchboard 0207 983 4000 to ask for the fence to be removed.


thanks Miranda, you read it here first, but those late comers the BBC are reporting the eviction threat here.

More from Miranda Dunn:

Having spoken to Carl Robert Shaw at the Mayor's Office I have been advised that anyone wishing to complain about the Fencing of Parliament Square should email:

and anyone wishing to complain to the Police about the treatment of Anna from Global Wo…

Parliament Square fenced, enclosed, cut off

Maria rang me at approximately 12.15pm today Friday 17th August, 2007, to let Greens know that Parliament Square has been surrounded by a Security Fence. This is just the latest intimidation Brian and Maria and other Peace Protestors face.

Please do everything you can to publicise this unreasonable behaviour and ask for the eyesore fence to be removed.

Miranda Dunn
Barnet Green Party

had this 5 seconds ok, disgusting, predictable...every where the fences rise at their command.

Has any one a photo? What of Brian Haw?

A little late Dr Wall writes:

'Sian has just posted me this You can see the fence on the BBC jamcam here:

filmed by FIT, chased by clowns, impressed by the eco toilets

Eco toilets at the camp
well the visit to the climate camp was great fun and really encouraging, I must admit I was a bit tetchy and tired because ironically the planes over my modest shack in Berkshire have been waking me early!

Everything look really organised and together, I was expecting a Glastonbury style sea of mud. Got extensively filmed by my old friends the Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) but no problems getting on to the site.

Recycling, eco toilets, good self-organised catering...impressed I was.

Did get chased by clowns shouting 'you are Derek Wall, Green Party Speaker' which was a bit scary!

The anti-capitalist economics workshop saw 60 people stuffed into a small tent, I looked at why capitalism demands ever increasing economic growth, flagged up commons regimes, open source, the exciting bits of Marx.....the level of discussion was steller with lots of different views on building a just and ecological economy.

All very exciting, so get down to the camp!

Over the week…

Camping for climate

Well the uniform is a bit snug but I am off to the climate camp today.

"The camp is a scandal to the government because it sits on the very site of the proposed runway, a runway that will bulldoze a whole village. The camp reminds Gordon Brown, his Cabinet and BAA of their complicity in devastating environmental destruction. Non violent direct action to combat ecological destruction is the right thing and The Green Party explicitly supports it, and it is shameful but hardly surprising that terrorist legislation is being used to try to silence their voices.

Read more here

Oppose homophobic hate crimes

Thank you Phelim for this

Hi everyone

please sign the petition to introduce specific homophobia and transphobia hate crime legislation. If you remember the horrible murder of Jordi Dubrowski in Clapham (who was so badly beaten to death his dental records had to be used to identify him) his murderers were sentenced on the grounds of ‘hostility based on sexual orientation’ as an aggravating factor, as the judge was unable to throw the book at their homophobia as the actual reason for the attack. The summary of that case led many to start pushing for specific homophobic hate crime legislation as one of the strongest legal routes to establish more fairness.

With the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, replying positively to a back bencher question on the subject in July, with more pressure we could have the positive legislation that we need and deserve.

all the best

Full text below:
"In remembering the 40th anniversary of the Decriminalisation of…

BBC sleeping with microsoft

I am off trains, tubes and apocalyptic bike ride through the rapidly flooding Berkshire countryside to the station to protest at the BBC releasing their programmes via DRM microsoft.

So see you all at 10.30ish this morning outside the BBC at Wood Lane.....oh and don't forget the climate camp is officially launched today as well.

This is an event organised by the Free SoftWare Foundation calling for the use of all alternatives not just micro soft.

Today the BBC made it official -- they have been corrupted by Microsoft. With today's launch of the iPlayer, the BBC Trust has failed in its most basic of duties and handed over to Microsoft sole control of the on-line distribution of BBC programming. From today, you will need to own a Microsoft operating system to view BBC programming on the web. This is akin to saying you must own a Sony TV set to watch BBC TV. And you must accept the Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) that the iPlayer imposes. You simply cannot be allowed to be in …

West London Green Party Letter on climate action

thanks to John Hunt for drafting this.

Last week, judge Caroline Swift rejected BAA's application for an unprecedented injunction against five million people, and substituted her own wording, to allow lawful protest, as safeguarded by the European Convention on Human Rights under Article 10 [the right to freedom of expression, including imparting information and ideas without interference by public authority] and Article 11 [the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association with others].

Opposition to expansion at Heathrow has grown since the Terminal Five public enquiry ten years ago where, of the 50 major parties giving evidence, over 95% opposed T5. At the end of the enquiry, inspector Roy Vandermeer found that a third runway would be "totally unacceptable". He imposed a cap of 480,000 flight movements a year: yet we already have 471,000, though T5 is not scheduled to open until March.

Last December, a cross-party alliance…