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Stop another European capital falling to the right!

Supporters of Gianni Alemanno wave flags in Rome. Photograph: Dario Pignatelli/Reuters

Johnson, Johnson cried his supporters!

Will BNP votes give Boris their second preferences swinging him into power? You can see why the BNP are encouraging their supporters to back Boris when you read some of Boris' opinions.

"Whatever you say about the Russians, they have no qualms when it comes to abusing human rights, if that means cracking down on Islam." (Spectator, 2 September 2005)

"... too many Britons have absolutely no sense of allegiance to this country or its institutions. It is a cultural calamity that will take decades to reverse, and we must begin now with what I call in this morning's Spectator the re-Britannification of Britain. That means insisting, in a way that is cheery and polite, on certain values that we identify as British. If that means the end of spouting hate in mosques, and treating women as second-class citizens, then so be it. We need to acculturate …

Boris: 'vote blue, get greed'

First priority...elect as many Green London Assembly members as possible...and support a combinination of Ken and Sian for Mayor...Boris is a case of 'Vote Blue, get greed'...the candidate of George Bush, Exxon and the climate deniers.

Ken is being attacked not for what he gets wrong but for what he gets justice, environment, opposition to war.

The neo-cons would love to see an anti-War candidate lose...Ken is obviously better than Boris on the environment

I don't always agree with Jonathon Porritt but I think he could be right on this one.

'The prospect of Boris as Mayor of London is just so scary. Either he is a genuine, out-and-out buffoon, in which case London becomes a laughing stock alongside its Mayor, or he is a pseudo-buffoon, in which case his true ideological nastiness will soon be revealed. The prospect of Boris taking over London's Climate Change Action Plan is even scarier. He may have learnt not to reveal his full contrarian bigotry on cli…

Green Venezuela this thursday!

Hi Everyone

First of all, HOV London's regular weekly meeting will be at the same time
and place this Wednesday (7pm, 30th April, Room B04, Basement, Birkbeck
College, Malet St, London WC1, nearest tubes Goodge Street and Russell

Then on Thursday May 1st, Hands Off Venezuela will be joining the Latin
American contingent on the May Day March, meeting at 12 noon, Clerkenwell
Green (near Farringdon station). We will also have a stall at the end of
the march in Trafalgar Square, so look out for us! After the march, there
will be a meeting on the latest developments in Latin America featuring
Hands Off Venezuela, Bolivia Solidarity Campaign, Colombia Solidarity
Campaign and Movement of Ecuadorians in the UK. 3-5pm, Pitcher & Piano
pub, 40-42 William IV St., WC2N.

Later on Thursday, Movimientos is back at the Salmon & Compass for a May
Day special. On international workers day, as part of a worldwide day of

Vote for Green GLA

As well as elections for the mayor of London there are also elections for the London assembly, where the Greens are making a considerable impact as we have over the past eight years. Ken Livingstone has acknowledged that Green assembly members have been the driving force behind many of his initiatives on sustainable transport, and he has relied on negotiating with the Greens to get his annual budget through each year.

So while it is right to pay attention to what sort of mayor we want, we also need to look at what sort of London assembly we want, too. Boris Johnson would be a disaster for London. But Livingstone, without a strong Green presence on the assembly, would be a lame-duck unable to get his budget through, and lacking the ideas and momentum that has seen London beginning to take a lead on environmental and social justice.

Darren Johnson

Green party member of the London assembly

Odd for a politician?

"Richard sent me photos of his private parts before I'd even met him," says the redhead. "I thought this was very odd for a politician."

This is from stroppyblog....I had a pint with Darren at conference who told me that when Richard visted the GLA, Ken Livingstone shouted out 'Are you casing the joint to make a gay porn film'....which amused Darrren and amused me on retelling.

Sexuality is a rich and varied thing and should not really be part of discussing candidate selection but I could not resist the quote above!

Any way it is hatred and discrimination we should target instead of worrying who is sleeping with whom....however the quote is the most bizarre I have seen for a while.

Food Crisis.

Hi Derek: Thank you for posting my article on your blog -- I'm glad you thoughtit worth sharing. Would it be possible to include a credit and link back to theSocialist Voice site? It's -- and I'd like as many people as possibleto know about it! Thank you again -- hope your health is improving. Ian Angus

There you go Ian....when I starting posting on the indigenous struggle in Canada and on the wave of public sector strikes here, you know I will be well enough....and up to speed...any way must not grumble!

`The greatest demonstration of the historical failure of the capitalist model'
By Ian Angus

"If the government cannot lower the cost of living it simply has to leave. If the police and UN troops want to shoot at us, that's OK, because in the end, if we are not killed by bullets, we'll die of hunger." — A demonstrator in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

In Haiti, where most people get 22% fewer calories than the minimum needed fo…

SE Euro candidates selected

Post 1,000!

Caroline has won the Euro MEP nomination for the South East (no surprise), followed by Keith Taylor and then yours truly.

Miriam drops from third which seems a shame given her economics work and I think it is a shame Nigel Tart isn't quite in the first 11 because he is a sterling camapigner on LGBT and TU stuff and election agent for Brighton.

seems to be Principal speakers get the posts...last time it was of course Caroline followed by the late and much lamented Mike Woodin...I was in position 8 then....

here is the announcement

Dear candidates,

We carried out the count today and the results are as follows:

1st place Caroline Lucas
2nd place Keith Taylor
3rd place Derek Wall
4th place Miriam Kennet
5th place Jason Kitcat
6th place Hazel Dawe
7th place Jonathan Essex
8th place Matthew Ledbury
9th place Steve Dawe
10th place Alan Francis

1st reserve Beverley Golden
2nd reserve Nigel Tart
3rd reserve Adrian Windisch
4th reserve John Pemb…

My candidate sweeps up North Carolina delegates

Good news for the Green Party prospects in London with the Observer backing Sian

The traditional beneficiaries of protest voting - the Liberal Democrats - have failed to make an impact in the campaign. Their candidate, Brian Paddick, is undoubtedly a decent man, but he has been out of his depth as a politician. There is a stronger case to be made for casting 'first preference' votes for Siân Berry, the Green candidate. The party has already used its toehold on the London Assembly to wring green concessions worth millions of pounds out of the mayoral budget. A respectable score for Ms Berry, an intelligent and articulate advocate of her cause, would send a clear signal to whoever wins the mayoralty that London cares about environmental policy. It would also deprive the British National Party of fourth place, a small but notable step towards the mainstream.

even more excitement in the US where Cynthia is looking like a shoe in for the Presidential nomination....I have been invited…

Who will give birth to the electric car?

I have to come clean....yes I have had driving lessons (the test did not go well back in 2003 !) and when there is no bus, last one at 7.19 pm which neatly misses the train coming into Windsor at 7.22 ish, I have been forced to get a taxi to Cranbourne!


Seriously I guess electric cars fuelled by renewables have to be good and while I hate the usual biofuel (I was chanting sink the biofuel boat long before the rest of the world) I am keen on the concept of a chip fat oil mini cooper or a kebab house grease fuelled run around.

So I am interested in this email from Chris HOWEVER I still want localisation and tele work (instead of commuting) and good cheap public transport...hulking bits of metal on the road need to be minimised.

The Phoenix Motor company of America are about to market an electric SUV that can do 95 Miles Per Hour and over 100 miles per charge. The normal charge takes several hours but a special 250 KW external charger can do it 10 minutes…

Greens on the London Assembly have delivered

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Vote for loveable Noel!":

If everyone who was thinking of voting Green next week, but just wasn't sure, met Noel Lynch they would be converted to hardcore Green voters instantly. Noel is a kind down to earth hard working man who would put the people first. It's a shame Noel can't simply knock on every door in London before the run up to the election!!

Vote Green- Vote Left

I think sadly that there is a real risk of Boris, so make sure you vote Sian 1 and then Ken, to stop Jeremy Clarkson's favourite politician from getting his hands on your tube,

and vote Green for Assembly we must get Noel back on...I am a paid up member of the Noel appreaciation society and I am not the only one.

Greens on the London Assembly have delivered

Greens have tripled the money available for supporting cyclists and walkers from £21 million to £63 million. Cycling on main roads in London has risen by 83% since 2000. This builds on London'…

Some questions for the Venezuelan socialist party

The Foundation of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV)
By Carlos Torchia
Carlos Torchia is a member of the Venezuela We Are With You Coalition and the New Socialist Group.

During the last 15 years Venezuelan people have greatly contributed to the struggle against capitalism and for a just society.

Firstly, the Bolivarian revolution has shown to the people of the world that is possible to challenge neoliberalism, which has devastated the lives of millions not only in the Third World but also in the countries of the centre, and successfully confront imperialism

Secondly, the Bolivarian revolution has restored the idea that socialism is needed to replace savage capitalism, which is threatening to annihilated humankind. The project "Socialism for the 21st Century" is beginning to resonate not only in Venezuela and Latin America but everywhere that people face exploitation, hunger and environmental degradation. The Venezuelan revolution has challenged the reactionary Mar…


Got sent this, spread the word

By the way I am better health wise so trying to do a few things...last saturday had the Morning Star conference on globalisation, yesterday spoke to the Sustainable Development Commission about commons/social sharing....still being quite gentle with myself cos the bone needs another month to heal but fingers crossed can see usual eco hyperactive kicking back in.

any way enough of me on to the gardening...

'This is really beautiful! Check it out!'

also Guerilla garden blog here...

Vote for loveable Noel!

From the left of centre London Strategic Voter website some strong support.

Joseph Healy

The London-wide top-up seats

Again, we aren’t recommending tactical voting in this election, but if you
must, the key consideration in the vote for the London-wide top-up seats
is whether the party you are considering supporting is likely to clear the
5% hurdle to get one Assembly member elected. If it isn’t likely to, then
in tactical voting terms (your vote’s effectiveness in determining the
result), you have wasted your vote.

So which left of New Labour parties are likely to clear the 5% hurdle?
Polls are difficult to come by, as the mainstream media focuses solely on
the Mayoral race. At LSV our guess is that both the Lib Dems and the
Greens will clear the hurdle comfortably, but that Left List, Respect
(George Galloway) and Unity for Peace & Socialism will struggle to do so.

The Greens won 2 top up seats in 2004 …
Dear Shelter Supporters,

As you may already know, Shelter works are returning to strike action this week.
Following our strike action in March, Shelter management agreed to return to talks at ACAS, where they made a revised offer to staff.
This offer, far from resolving the dispute, poured oil onto troubled waters. Further details can be found in the attached leaflet.
Union members were balloted on whether to accept or reject the offer. It was made very clear that in order to improve the package on the
table, further escalated strike action would be necessary. Members voted to do just that - escalate strike action.

Shelter workers will be on strike across England and Scotland on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th April.
We have timed our action on 24th to coincide with the NUT, PCS and UCU strikes on the same day. In many locations we will picket our Shelter offices and then join the demonstrations and rallies with our colleagues in the the other unions.

This is a significant week in our dispute a…

St George in Palestine

A Palestinian St George works for liberation of Palestine, I like this image...its from the Socialist Unity blog, I think from a school girl in Palestine...

No dragons were hurt in the construction of this image...

St George; Palestinian rebel for human rights.

St George – Multicultural icon

Rebel against Roman tyranny

Human rights defender London and Oxford – 23 April 2008

"St George's Day should be a national holiday in England. We should celebrate St George as a symbol of freedom, dissent andmulticulturalism," says human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell. "It is time we ditched the myths surrounding St George and celebrated the reality of his courageous life. "He doesn't belong to the far right. He represents multiculturalism and rebellion against tyranny. "St George wasn't white or English. He was a rebel from the Middle East. His father was Turkish and his mother probably Palestinian. Here relled against the Roman Emperor Diocletian and was executed for opposing the persecution of Christians by the Romans. "An early defender human rights, he is a heroic symbol of protest andthe right to freedom of belief and expression. "St George's parentage embodies multiculturalism and his life express…

Camper van Beethoven on renewables

Toby is a great guy, he worked really hard to get Caroline Lucas re-elected and campaigned against the evil incinerator in Slough.

He sent me a link to his blog on his use of renewables.

I don't camper van myself, I am still off of even my push bike...I seeing a lot more of the bus between Cranbourne Hall where I live and Windsor...any way on to Toby.

What's your point then?

I'm writing what I could have really done with knowing a few years ago ... how to set up a practical renewable energy system for a campervan/caravan. We spend nearly a month of every year in our beloved Bedford CF, either at festivals or at campsites in the UK or France. We can be parked up for a while, and more than once we were stranded in darkness after our batteries gave up. I toyed with the idea of getting a solar panel, but really, really, didn't give it much thought.

If you want to take the skinheads bowling click here.

The cultural commons

Chet Bowers has kindly let me post his essay on education and the commons.

To save ecosystems and to serve humanity, we must defend, extend and deepen the commons...see what you think and spread the world, a world behind fences is a world with cancer....there is a cure. Most policy makers advocate taking more of the poison

Title: Revitalizing the Cultural Commons in an Era of Political
and Ecological Uncertainties

Author: Chet Bowers, Eugene, OR.

The “commons” and “enclosure” are two words that should frame the issues being addressed by environmentalists, educators, politicians, and citizens concerned about the deepening ecological crises. These words refer to fundamental relationships that existed within human communities and between humans and the natural environment even before the beginning of religions and myths of origins. The significance of the commons has become even more critical today as economic globalization is rapidly enclosing the diversity of the world’s commons, fo…