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Torture in West Papua

Indonesian Police and Military officers

torture West Papuan government official

from Puncak Jaya

"Anton was … beaten from the front and back [by Indonesian police and soldiers] until he fell down. They stamped on his body with their jack boots and then beat him.”

Cenderawasih Post, [West Papua]

27 June 2008

PUNCAK JAYA – A bad day for Anton Asse (28 years old), a government official from the information and communication department, Puncak Jaya Regent’s Office. He was tortured by a police officer in Tingginambut on Wednesday (25/6/08).

The torture caused injury on his face and bruises on his right eye. He was beaten so hard that the back of his neck was painful and his head was dizzy. He was immediately taken to Mulia regional hospital to get medical treatment.

Anton told Cenderawasih Pos that at that time he was driving a government car (L200) with a red placard number DS 5796 AD (red placard is the special Indonesian sign for any vehicles that belong to the state government). Two gov…


Had this from the camp, worth reading...its another way of doing Green politics.

Nice US greenwash blog.

Join the Greenwash Guerrillas to show that E.ON’S greenwash won’t wash!
Wednesday, 16th July, 8.15 AM, London

Just two weeks before the Camp for Climate Action at Kingsnorth, E.ON are
sponsoring a climate summit designed to help industry leaders ‘keep
stakeholders engaged’. Just like their plans for 'clean coal' at
Kingsnorth, this is greenwash of the highest toxicity: a
laughable-if-it-weren't-so-tragic attempt to distract us from the fact
that E.ON are planning to build the first coal-fired power station in the
UK for over thirty years. And that, in a time of unprecedented climate
crisis, is an unacceptable insanity.

This hot-air-fest cannot pass without a visit from… the Greenwash Guerrillas!

Don a white painter’s suit and come on down to the Business Design Centre
in Islington to join a crack team of greenwash detectors. We will be
cordoning off the area and warning summit delegat…

By-election blues

Some people just feel fed up with politics in general and don’t want to vote at all, and who can blame them when they have been betrayed so often. When told that politicians are just in it for the money I explained that I’m definitely not. To prove it, if I am elected - about which I’m feeling more and more optimistic - I undertake to give half my salary to the Green Party. I’m in it because I can’t bear to think about what’s going to happen to people, and other species, in the future.

I liked this statement from Shan, there are some by-election blues in the Howden and Haltemprice by-election and a lot of disillusionment with the whole political class amongst voters.

I had an interesting experience in the Sedgefield by-election last year, which I want to talk about and draw some lessons from for wider politics.

Sedgefield is a prosperous northern market town with some very attractive pubs, church, coffee shops...nice place to live. The constituency which is much larger than the town inc…

Green Left Steering Meeting

GreenLeft steering committee, Minutes of meeting of Monday 2nd June 2008, QEH cafe, Southbank.

1. Attendance: Sue Bineham, John Henry Marvin, Joseph Healy, Pete Murry, Sarah Farrow, Farid Bakht, Derek Wall, Andy Hewitt, Tim Summers.
2. Apologies for absence: Sean Thompson, Payam Torabi, Cllr Romayne Phoenix, Jane Ennis, Sue Tibbles.
3. Co-options: John Henry Marvin was co-opted to the Steering Committee, Tim Summers also as GL Secretary. Payam Torabi is invited for co-option, (not as NHS rep).
4. Population policy: Joseph reported from GPex that a second, amended draft of population policy by Nicola Watson has been circulated, but was unlikely to be included in the agenda of Autumn Conference. Instead, Brian Heatley will chair a conference Population Policy fringe meeting open to all points of view. Meeting discu ssed and approved 3 items of policy towards this discussion: to reject a population target, for eco-friendly housing stock according to need, and to consider the &quo…





via: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC)

JOIN the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition (NYC) and the International
Concerned Family and Friends of
Mumia Abu-Jamal on FRIDAY, JULY 4TH, on the 26th ANNIVERSARY of Mumia's
incarceration on
Death Row.

HALL AT 12 NOON to remind the entire nation that Philly's filthy court
system sentenced an innocent man
to death just to beat their barbecue deadline.

We will also be highlighting a new book, "The Framing of Mumia
Abu-Jamal" by J. Patrick O'Connor, that
not only points convincingly to Mumia's innocence but also identifies
the likely killer of the police officer for
whose death Mumia has been on Death Row for more than a quarter of a
century. To travel…

Alan Wheatley praises special edition of The Big Issue

I can commend a two-page article in The Big Issue on privatisation of
CAB services by cost-cutting councils. The edition is 23 to 29 June, so
it would be a good idea to approach your nearest Big Issue seller for
one by Sunday 29 June. (I only picked up my copy today.)

The marketisation of debt advice services, etc that the article refers
to has also been applied to a 'quantity over quality' restructuring of
the way Shelter and other specialist advice services are ordered to work
by their management. The Green Party Trades Union Group has been active
in supporting trade union activity against such practices that are
ultimately designed more to satisfy fat cats than they are to
alleviating poverty.

I believe the kind of socialism New Labour practices is akin to that of
the late Robert Maxwell. He is reputed to have said, "I take people and
I squeeze them until the pips squeak."

Alan Wheatley
Disability Spokesperson for London Green Party and
co-proposer of Emergency Motion …

A sad day for Derek as Nandor steps down

The Green Party politician, who says he smokes marijuana "for religious reasons", claimed the first thing he had done when he entered Parliament in 1999 was buy a watch and he had been "cuffed" to it ever since.

"So today I remove that shackle, because when I look at the state of our rivers, our atmosphere and our people I don't need a watch to tell me what time it is," the dread-locked lawmaker said before smashing his watch with a hammer.
More here

well its only been an internet relationship but I have worked with Nandor, he is 100% great and even amongst Greens there are many who replace 'ecology' with shallow egotism. He is an exception and is aware that politics is more than personality.

I am sad to see him go but yes politics can be bad for you, at least corrupt parliamentary politics....looking after children and being domestic matters as well

I love his smashing the watch.

Are we going to be saved by a Joan of Arc or Joseph of Arc winning …

Fight dem biofuels! Fight dem!


The EU is currently debating the draft Renewable Energy Directive, which
includes a 10% mandatory biofuel taret for transport. There will be at
least one important vote by an EU parliamentary committees during July.

We have got a new email alert to UK MEPs, asking them to vote against a
biofuel target and to support a moratorium on agrofuels
from large-scale monocultures and in particular on all targets and
incentives. Such an EU moratorium call is supported by over 200
organisations (see:

You can find the email alert and more background information at .

Apart from taking part in the email alert, it would be very helpful if you
could also contact your MEPs directly - either phone, or, if possible,
meet them during a surgery. To find out who your MEPs are, see .

This email alert is only for people resident in the UK. A similar letter
which will be sent to all European MEPs…

Greens celebrate 30 years of the Rainbow Flag


Greens celebrate 30 years of the Rainbow Flag


To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Gilbert Baker’s Rainbow flag[1], Georgia Wrighton, Green Councillor for Hanover and Elm Grove, stated at the rainbow flag being flown from Brighton Town Hall:

“I'm delighted to see the Rainbow Flag flown on Brighton Town Hall to commemorate its 30th Anniversary. The Flag symbolises so much for the people of Brighton and Hove, and is a well-known expression of the strength behind the LGBT community both here and around the world.

Georgia continued:

“It is fantastic that we are commemorating the Flag's origins in this way, and through this kind of leadership, the Council can express its pride in the vitality and dynamism of the LGBT community in this City.”

Greens joined with other political parties in marking the 25th June and honouring the flag’s creator Gilbert Baker and all those who have maintained the sp…

Principal Speaker supports RMT cleaners

'Poverty exists in the midst of plenty in London. Outsourcing and 'competition' have driven workers wages down. The Green Party made campaigning for fair pay a key plank of our election campaign in May. We must keep the pressure up. I support the RMT tube workers, they must be supported in their campaign for a living wage and decent working conditions'
Derek Wall, Green Party Principal Speaker



More than 700 RMT Tube Cleaners who work for 4 private contractors voted for strike action to win the London living wage and decent living conditions. They voted for a series of strikes with a landslide of over 99%.
As the RMT general secretary says, "In 21st century London, a living wage is reckoned to be at least £7.50 an hour. We have members who are being paid at rock-bottom minimum wage rates little more than £5.50 an hour, and the abuse has …

Greens beat Labour in by-election

Well I think this is the first time the Greens have beaten Labour in a by-election, I went to help the candidate Mark Stevenson, who is a local organic farmer. He was excellent: radical and persuasive. The campaign literature was professional and thoughtful. I was particularly impressed by the newsheet from Oxford Green Party with an article in opposition to war in Afghanistan and stuff on incinerators.

Ok it was a modest third as the candidate says but he didn't exactly have an army of canvassers or a huge political machine behind him. When I went to help it was just the two of us!

Ok as Mark says it was a distant third but in encouraging....where next from Brown, down to 3% on the anniversary of his installation (with out a vote) as Prime Minister.

We came third! Woopee! (OK, a rather distant third,
but even so . . .)
Howell (C) 19796
Kearney (LD) 9680
Stevenson (Green) 1321
Rait (BNP) 1243
McKenzie (Lab) 1066
Adams (UKIP) 843
+ 6 also rans

This got national media coverage with Sky an…

Mortgage the future with the MPC

letter sent to papers early this year, looks fairly prophetic now...but based on obvious stuff

Dear Editor,

Your report on the bleak prospects for Mervyn King as he goes into his second term as Governor (Guardian Jan 31st) with all signs showing a noxious mixture of economic recession and spiralling inflation on the horizon, is timely. Rising fuel prices, in the 1990s a barrel of oil cruised at $10 now it hovers around $90 plus more expensive food, means that to keep inflation low, the Bank will need to raise interest rates. Yet collapsing house prices, falling consumer confidence, a liquidity squeeze/credit crunch and a dour US economic outlook, demand that to prevent recession, the bank will have to cut interest rates. The MPC and Mervyn will, thus, be damned whatever they do with interest rates at their monthly meeting next week.

While in 1997 putting the Bank of England in charge of interest rates and therefore economic management looked like a master stroke, it is evident that th…

25 candidates in by-election

As well as David Davis and Shan Oakes, we have a varied list of 23 others.

The full list of candidates issued by the acting returning officer Nigel Pearson includes Conservative Party candidate David Michael Davis and Independents Grace Christine Astley, David Craig, Herbert Winford Crossman, Thomas Faithful Darwood, Tony Farnon, Eamonn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Christopher Mark Foren, John Nicholson, Jill Saward, Norman Scarth, Walter Edward Sweeney, John Randale Upex and Greg Wood.

Also on the list are David Laurence Bishop of the Church of the Militant Elvis Party, Ronnie Carroll of Make Politicians History and Mad Cow-Girl for The Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

Tess Culnane for National Front Britain for the British, Miss Great Britain Party's Gemma Dawn Garrett, George Hargreaves of the Christian Party, Hamish Howitt of Freedom 4 Choice, David Icke, Shan Oakes for the Green Party, the New Party's David Pinder, Joanne Robinson (English Democrats - Putting England First) and Ch…

Letter of support to Hull and East Riding Greens

This went out last could get quite an interesting book out of the stuff on the debate around this....

You are welcome to forward the letter more widely if you wish

Dear Hull & East Riding Greens,

We the undersigned are aware that some members at national level have
expressed concern about your local party contesting the forthcoming
Haltemprice & Howden By-election. However, we want to reassure you that
there are many people in the party and many experienced election campaigners

who are fully supportive of your contesting this by-election. Although David

Davis is correct on the issue of 42 days, we note his appalling record on
many other areas of policy including LGBT issues, climate change and the
human rights act. With no Labour or Liberal Democrat candidates the Green
Party would be the only credible left of centre challenger in this
by-election and we believe it is absolutely right that voters be given a
credible alternative to David Davis. Moreover, …

Home Secretary ‘misled’ to claim safety of LGBT people returned to Iran


Home Secretary ‘misled’ to claim safety of LGBT people returned to Iran

Urgent review of Home Office approaches to LGBT asylum needed


The Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, does not consider Iranian LGBT asylum seekers to have fears of persecution if they are returned. According to Smith who has had correspondence with Lord Roberts of Llandudno published in a letter in today’s Independent, ‘evidence does not show a real risk of discovery of, or adverse action against gay and lesbian people who are discreet about their sexual orientation.’

In condemning the Home Secretary’s response, Phelim Mac Cafferty, media spokesperson for LGBT Greens stated:

“Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary, is playing a dangerous game with the lives of Iranian LGBT refugees: effectively she’s trying to rubbish the argument that LGBT people are being persecuted for their sexuality in Iran. Her claim that as long as people are ‘discreet’ a regime n…

Congress Report Calls for Israeli Boycott Campaign

http://www.ictu. ie/press/ 2008/06/18/ congress- report-calls- for-israeli- boycott-campaign /

Congress Report Calls for Israeli Boycott Campaign
18 Jun 2008
Congress today (June 18) formally launched the report of a senior union delegation visit to Israel and Palestine which recommends support and promotion for a "boycott campaign of Israeli goods and services and a policy of disinvestment from Israeli companies."
The Congress delegation report recommends (full list below) that this course of action be pursued in order to encourage Israeli compliance with International Law and to cease its violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people.
The Congress report also calls for the Irish government to initiate change at EU level, with regard to policy on Israel and Palestine.
The delegation visit (in November 2007) comprised senior Congress officials and was led by the current President of Congress, Patricia McKeown. The delegation visited Israel, the West Bank and Gaza and met…

The Alan Wheatley column

Community Care magazine columnist Simon Stevens is a disability service
user who employs care assistants. He has kicked up a storm online by
accusing unions of spreading 'caveman propaganda that disabled people
are naturally bad employers' (Community Care, 19 June 2008, page 5).

Meanwhile, as a talented disabled jobseeker and ex-support worker to
adults with learning difficulties I note that New Labour's welfare
reform agenda would rather give £62K for global corporation per disabled
person off Incapacity Benefit and into paid work than invest properly in
extending the personalisation agenda to the point of helping disabled
people become their/our own bosses. At A4e Holloway on New Deal recently
I was told that for signing off Jobseekers Allowance to become
self-employed, I would get £500; the Jobcentre told me it would actually
be just £100 plus 4 wee…


Well I had to work quite hard to get the national party to reverse a decision and allow Shan to stand. Now we have to give our full support.

Her blog is here

She notes:

After a democratic debate inside the Green Party about whether we should stand in this by-election, I’m thrilled to announce that today the national party gave the go-ahead to us standing in Haltemprice and Howden, after I was selected last night by the local party to contest the seat against the Conservatives’ David Davis on July 10th.

That’s 16 days time!

Our constituency-wide leaflet is due to go to the printers tomorrow, and we’re starting campaigning in earnest. Any offers of campaigning help can be directed to Martin Dean at

I’m looking forward to highlighting the Tories’ hypocrisy on civil liberties.

Here is the press release, we have put out:

The Green Party have today launched their Haltemprice and Howden by-
election campaign.

Green Party Principal Speaker Derek Wall has …

Green Party must convince on economics if it is to win

I ran into David Fleming a couple of days ago David is one of the most entertaining and thoughtful people I have met in a long time, a political thinker, an academic with a bit of popular bite. He is enthusiastically developing new solutions to climate change . Back in 1978 with Jonathan Porrit and Paul Ekins, he worked hard to get the Green Party (then called the Ecology Party) on its feet. He was a visionary moderniser in the best sense, the Party got a bit more organised, and a bit more media friendly, in 1979 it contest 53 parliamentary seats at the General Election that gave us Thatcher. We had never met before and we enjoyed much mutual verbal back slapping on the lines of ‘Ecology Party Executive, toughest job in the world’.

50 constituencies was a magic number back then, it gave the party a party political broadcast and helped us make a splash. Membership rose from a few hundred in …

Principal Speaker backs local Green Party over Davis by-election

Hull Green Party are meeting tonight to decide formally whether to select a candidate for the Haltemprice and Howden by-election.

As Principal Speaker I am proud of the democratic tradition of our party, I will support the Hull Party whatever decision they make.

It makes me proud to be green that members not some spin doctor has real power.

What contrast with the traditional parties.

Venezuela aids US Native American struggle

Got this from the superb Socialist Voice
US: Penobscots struggle, with Venezuelan help
By John Riddell & Suzanne Weiss
13 June 2008

“The Penobscot Nation is committed to continue our efforts until the fish, wildlife and plants are safe to eat, and the sacredness is restored to the river. Only then will our culture be whole again …”

These were the words of Butch Phillips, a tribal elder of the Native American Penobscot tribe — whose traditional territory covers sections of north-eastern United States and eastern Canada — in 2006.

Amid all the struggle regarding indigenous rights in the northern half of Turtle Island (the Native American term for North America), little is heard of indigenous peoples south of the Canadian border. When our vacation took us to New England, we seized the opportunity to visit the Penobscot Nation.

There are today about 3000 Penobscots, of whom about 700 live on their island in the Penobscot River, close to Bangor, Maine. This is all that is left of their anc…

Challenge to arms trade with Israel

This from Phelim

Palestine motion at Unison conference passed overwhelmingly- Called for Sanctions against Caterpiller and others and an end to the arms trade with Israel.

Real Road Rage

[col. writ. 6/12/08] (c) '08 Mumia Abu-Jamal

As the price of gasoline soars, Americans are forced to think in ways that they haven't in generations: to drive, or not to drive?

Do they park the car and opt for public transportation?

Or do they try to sell the ole gas guzzler (better known as SUVs) for a tiny foreign import?

For most of the latter 20th century, a car was seen as an American right, more sacred than freedom of the press, for while many may've felt that the functions of a free press was problematic, the freedom to drive (with relatively cheap gas) was part of the national psyche.

For 50 years suburbs sprang up in the hinterlands of major American cities -- white rings around blacker and bleaker urban centers. Those mass migrations were made possible by the car, and affordable gas.

Those days are fast receding into yesteryear as gas prices break records almost daily.

And despite the sound and fury echoing from the nation's Capitol, or …

Justice for Iraq

Don't think we will be seeing David Davis at this event but like me he is been in the Morning Star! big interview yesteday...!

A day conference
Saturday 19 July, London

Justice for Iraq is a call to action – a campaign that demands a complete policy reversal of those countries who have invaded and occupied Iraq since 2003. Ending the military occupation remains the most urgent priority. But Iraq will remain a broken nation without urgent measures aimed at delivering lasting peace and justice for its people and healing some of the wounds caused by this disastrous war.

Justice for Iraq will pressure Iraq's occupiers to:

withdraw their troops and privatised security forces;
restore Iraq's full economic, legal and political sovereignty;
dismantle the Green Zone and the other occupation walls;
clean up toxic and unexploded weapons of war;
release and compensate detainees;
assist refugees and displaced persons;
help Iraq to relieve dire shortages in food, water, energy and medical supplies…

Green Party will fight David Davis at by-election

Well after some debate the Green Party of England and Wales will fight the Haltemprice & Howden by-election against David Davis. I am must admit I have had to think hard about this...but I have just been told we are going for it.

Martin Deane local party secretary has polled the members and they want to go for it, so Shan Oakes will fight the constituency.

A decision strongly influenced by Aled's post. Davis decision is some what off set by his reactionary voting record on a range of issues from pro-Iraq War and fox hunting.

The members have spoken, the Green Party is grassroots democratic, so the job is to support our have heard of 'democratic centralism' this is democratic decentralisation.

Martin Deane argues

With the ability and enthusiasm to stand, if we were not to, it would
make us – nationally - appear that we agree with the present
"two-party" system. The others standing aside sends that message, so
people like Davis can make this sort of p…


Green Party Principal Speaker Dr Derek Wall is calling on all Green Party members to support the action to shut down Kingsnorth (the power station not the author from Oxfordshire.)

'Sometimes we need to use non violent direct action, time is short to tackle climate change, yet instead of mining less coal or extracting less oil, its full steam ahead with the madness that is heating up our world. Does Brown care about climate change, if he did, he would not allow Kingsnorth to go ahead. We must resist. Climate camp is part of the process we need to preserve the basic ecological life support systems on this planet. I was so inspired by the organisation of last years Camp, it really put climate change on the agenda and contributed hugely to the campaign against a new runway at Heathrow.'


This summer the Camp for Climate Action will be located in Kent near
Kingsnorth coal-fired power station, where 10 million tonnes of carbon
dioxide are pump…

An ecosocialist manifesto from Morales

The desperate plight of our planet means that we need to transform political, economic and social systems...the biggest progress towards this has been in Latin America.

All who are serious about promoting a realistic green politics must engage with Latin American leaders such as Morales...the indigenous people are increasingly showing us the way.

Viva Morales!

Bolivia’s President Urges Development Of Economic System Based On ‘How To Live Well
Offers ‘10 Commandments’ to Counter World’s ‘Unbridled’ Development Model;
Secretary-General: Indigenous Have First-Hand Knowledge about Climate Change Impact
April 24, 2008 By Evo Morales
Source: United Nations Economic and Social Council

Bolivian President Evo Morales' 10 commandments to save the planet, life and humanity:

1-Acabar con el sistema capitalista
1-Stopping the capitalist system

2-Renunciar a las guerras
2-Renouncing wars

3-Un mundo sin imperialismo ni colonialismo
3-A world without imperialism or colonialism

4-Derecho al agua
4-Right to wat…

The ant is mightier than the sword says Fidel

Well one of the things I like best about being Principal Speaker is Fidel mails you his latest bits of journalism. Do you think any one will read Gordon Brown's article's in years time, let alone when he is 80.

This is a great piece and worth thinking about...a real turning point was when Castro in preparation for the 1992 Rio environmental conference proclaimed the need for socialism to go green. His influence has been one factor in making the new Latin American left conscious of environmental issues and green politics, a real development from the Soviet tradition that ignored environmental issues with terrible consequences.

Just bought Castro's My Life in English and Spanish to help me with my Spanish

Reflections by comrade Fidel


It would seem there's no topic worthy of addressing that would not bore our patient readers, after the Round Table program of June 12, which dealt with the new edition of a book published in Bolivia 15 years ago, featu…