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LETTER OF APPEAL: Urgent action needed to stop torture of Pakistani 'prisoners of climate change crisis' ,Dear friends and comrades Baba Jan and four comrades — all members of the Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) and the Progressive Youth Front (PYF) — have been imprisoned since September last year for standing up for the rights of his people from the Hunza Valley, in the remote province of Gilgit-Baltistan, after their villages and farmlands were flooded in 2010. Collectively they have come to be known as the Hunza Five. A leading Pakistan newspaper, Dawn, reports that Labour Party Pakistan comrades Baba Jan and Iftikhar Hussain are being tortured by special "anti-terrorist police" unit in an undisclosed location now: See also Radio Australia report: T…


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In solidarity with:
-the indigenous people in the north of Cauca, heartland of the Minga, who are engaged in a heroic mass mobilisation to eject the army and all armed actors from their territory, for the latest news see:!
-the people of Cajamarca, Ibague and Tolima who are resisting the takeover of their territory by Anglo Gold Ashanti.
-the displaced indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities displaces by El Cerrejon coal mine
-the trade unionists, human rights defenders, students, working class and all oppressed people who continue the onslaught in Colombia.

Paraguay anti-coup picket next wednesday in London

PARAGUAY RESISTS!! On 21st june the president of paraguay, ex bishop fernando lugo mendez, was de- posed by a pseudo-legal inpeachment organized by the right wing dominated congress.  In 24 hrs it concocted a case based on false accusations and no evidence . This would not  be accepted in any respected court of the world.
Lugo’s government, even with the systematic attack mounted by paraguay’s most  conservative sectors, the colorado party, the liberal party and the oviedistas (follow- ers of the fascist general oviedo) managed to create a new progresive movement: “the  frente guazu” (big front)which could unite the people for the coming presidential elec- tions in april 2013 and defeat the candidates of the right.
The paraguayan parliamentary coup de etat is part of usa imperial forces’ plan to  desestabilize the new progessive tendencies predominant in latinamerica. The military  coup in honduras was 3 years ago. After came the attempted coup in ecuador, then the  defeat of the left in chile whe…


Acts of violence are once-again transpiring in Perú, producing over the last week 4  deaths, mass detentions and many wounded in the province of Cajamarca, all at the  hands of repressive forces.  The aggression has been directed against people from local  communities protesting the Conga mining project (majority owned by Denver, Colorado  based Newmont mining), an extractive endeavor that scientists have shown to be non- viable due to the enormous threat it poses to water sources and human life.    As part of this aggression on July 4th Marco Arana—a social and political leader who  has been internationally recognized for his commitment to local communities struggling  against mega mining projects, as well as for his peaceful fight to protect local  resources—was brutally detained. He was released a day later to await trial for trumped  up charges of instigating public disorder and disobeying the state of emergency declared  by the government. 
Unfortunately, the repressive attack by the current…

Derek Wall talks about rise of Green movement in Latin America

(Video of last years El Sueno Existe)

Our "Festival Del Sol " on July 7th sees the return of fantastic Peruvian band Kausary to Machynlleth. Kausary means "revive" in Quechua and the band were a big hit at last year's El Sueno Existe . They play a highly charged mix of Andean folk and salsa chicha and will have everyone dancing the night away.
In the afternoon , author of " Ecosocialism ; the Rise Of The Green Left "; Derek Wall will present a talk entitles: " Ecology And Social Justice : Learning From Latin America". Wall is a former principal speaker of the Green Party and campaigns for Socialist and Environmental issues.
There will also be a presentation by Flor Rodriguez on Peruvian Marxist writer : Jose Carlos Mariategui .
José Carlos Mariátegui La Chira (14 June 1894– 16 April 1930) was a Peruvian journalist,political philosopher, and activist. A prolific writer before his early death at age 35, he is considered …